The 10 Most Romantic Cities For An Amazing Valentine’s Day In 2018


Tomorrow is a big day for valentines, isn’t it?  We celebrate our love every year in 14 of February. Someone takes car for her valentine, someone takes book or just give a kiss.


Are you tired of doing the same thing every year? Do you want to celebrate this day amazingly ? But how ? Okay,I’’say just by travelling. Yeah, you can have a impressive day with your valentine just going a place where being romantic. There are some destinations to go for holidays with family or you darling.

Hang on to your hat, I am saying.


  1. London, PARIS

As you know, Paris is a romantic place. We know this place from movies or just pictures that shared on Instagram or any social media product. You can visit London with your darling and take some amazing pictures to remember after years.

2. Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the mega cities in the world and it has lots of great places to visit such as Bosporus, Galata Tower, Hagia Sophia.

3. Budapest

Why Budapest ? Because Budapest is located near to a Danube River. On the coast, you can find places to drink a coffee or eat a dinner with your valentine with an amazing landscape. Don’t miss it !

4. Amsterdam

Don’t you want to walk with your darling through the river and city in the Amsterdam ? Your partnere never forget this memory.


5. Miami

If you want to escape from the crowd to ceebrate your Valentine’s Day and take some summer breath, best advice for you is Miami. There you can swim with dolphins. You will have unforgettable memories.

6. Norway

Do you love nature? Okay, we also have an idea for you. Norway is great now. Weather is so good and it is time to travel. You have to add this place to your to do list.

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